2018-19 Basketball Schedule

Electronic version of the basketball schedule that included locations for the Away games.  

 Beachside Montessori is not able to secure a home gym for their games; a small change has been made to our schedule. 


All dates are the same but the following match-up has been changed from Away to Home.  Administrators, I understand this will impact your coverage of home scheduled games.  I apologize on behalf of Beachside for the inconvenience. 


Oct. 30  Tuesday  Beachside Montessori    Home      4:30      Boys 1st


Band Parents

For all band students - deadline for all Book and Shirt order forms is Monday October 15th!

Also, if you are not receiving Band emails, please send an email to NMSBandFamily@gmail.com so we can add you to the distribution list!

Band Concert is December 11th & 12th @ 6pm 


We appreciate your assistance!


Tammy Baker

Correspondence & Volunteer Coordinator 

NMS Band Parent Association


Please notify us if you would like to be removed from this email group.

Required forms for student sports teams

 Please be advised that these 2 forms need to be filled out by an Authorized Health Care Provider for your child to participate in sports. They will also be sent via email.