At Open House or during the first day of school, teachers will provide a list of school supplies for each class.

Additionally, teachers have "Wish List" items that would be great to help in their classroom. We are collecting these "Wish Lists" and making an online Volunteer Schedule for our Nova families and the entire community to take part in contributing to the needs of each class! Thank you in advance for looking over the lists and contributing where you can! 
Several teachers and staff have already signed up but several more will be adding their wish list items soon.
Teachers and staff: Please visit the "Teacher/Staff Classroom Survey" to fill out your Wish List for the PTSA to share! 
You can look at each department and then scroll down to search by teacher and supplies needed. You can "Click" for what you are sending in so we can help the teachers and staff get all the items they requested!  
Once you sign up, the word CANCEL will appear next to your name. Only click on that if you would like to "CANCEL" the items you were going to be sending in to the classroom.