Volunteers who provided service throughout the 2016/17 school year with an ACTIVE status (as recorded in the STAR system), were automatically screened for Level 1 clearance for the 2017/18 school year.
Please contact your School Volunteer Liaison at the beginning of the school year to receive your 2017/18 volunteer badges.
If you were not active last year but would like to sign up to volunteer for the 2017/18 school year or would like additional information, please visit the volunteer website at http://browardschools.com/getinvolved/Volunteer-Services. The following is a direct link to submit an application: http://browardschools.com/getinvolved/application-note 
After five to eight days, you may visit your school to obtain the 2017-2018 volunteer badge.
Thank you for volunteering throughout the year! Our volunteers make our events a success! Please make sure to scroll down to view all upcoming Volunteer Opportunities. The volunteer opportunities are not always in date order, so please scroll down to see all events. It takes many helping hands to produce the kind of quality education found at our school.
Our volunteers are a crucial part of the total school program. They help classroom teachers, work in the Media Center, help in the clinic, tutor students, and assist with school activities. PLEASE NOTE: Once you "Click Here," your name will appear in the column and the word CANCEL will appear. Do not click "CANCEL" unless you wish to cancel that slot.